A New Adventure Begins…

So, Kathy Crosier emails me and says she wants to do a blog about the upcoming year of concerts and special services marking Carl’s last year as cantor of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. And she wonders whether she should just do it on one of the blogging platforms or on the LCH website. And I write back that we should try to have it on the LCH site to ensure a strong connection. But then I have to figure out which blogging software we should install and then get it installed. And I figure there will probably be others, so we want something that could host multiple blogs, and that made the installation more complicated…. You get the picture.

Anyway, the blogging software was installed last night, and I set up this blog and one for Kathy.

I don’t expect much action here, but I will make sure you know about new blogs that are on the horizon. Kathy’s blog, “Another Year of Insanity,” should be interesting reading.  I’ll let you know when she’s ready.

We will also be making changes to the appearance of these two blogs once we have had a chance to look through available templates and choose one that we think will work for most LCH blogs.

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