Blog #2 Is Up!

I just got back from a fun morning working with Linda Miller on her new LCH blog, “Notes from Nana Linda: Promoting a spiritual life for children.” Linda was a quick learner. We got the new blog all set up, and she completed her first post (with a picture!).

I had mentioned Kathy’s new blog to Linda last Saturday at In Stitches and said that I hoped someone from the Sunday School would want to do something so everyone could learn more of the wonderful opportunities they create for our keiki. Linda listened politely and said she couldn’t do it.

The next day after church, she came up to me and said she realized that she did fell called to share her thoughts on how we can promote the spiritual life with our young ones. A couple of days later she had a title for her blog and a couple of draft posts. And now the blog is up. I encourage you to take a look.

And now I wonder, “Who’s next?”

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